Free or Debt-Free Community College

I will be a vocal advocate by lobbying our state, federal and local legislators to increase college funding and financial aid; utilize my cross-sector relationships to help bring in new funding sources to increase student scholarships, support programs and resources for faculty and staff; work with colleagues to advocate for accessible and streamlined financial aid assistance services.

Opportunity & Support for All

I will push to ensure that everyone gets what they need to succeed by putting equity at the forefront: creating a safe and welcoming campus for all by increasing campus-wide and supported cultural activities, leadership and growth opportunities; safe spaces for students, inclusive policies and practices ; strengthen relationships with middle and high schools, adult education and community organizations to build stronger pathways and support services


Workforce Preparation & Pathways

I will be a champion for all learners by working with my colleagues to ensure the college is providing equitable opportunities beyond a degree including greater access to union apprenticeship programs and career technical training aligned with growing fields; I will leverage my cross-sector relationships and expertise in internship development and placement to help create a pipeline to higher-paying jobs; I will be a liaison to business groups, industry, trades and city government to strengthen collaboration on regional workforce and economic development plans.

Join me!

Together we can move Southwestern College forward.