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As a native of Chula Vista, CA and a product of South Bay schools including Southwestern College (SWC), I am excited to run for Southwestern College Governing Board, seat 4, in 2018! I am running because, after 20 years of listening and responding to the needs and priorities of our South Bay working families, I felt it was time to step it up to serve at a policy level and do more to lift-up our students, advance the community, boost the economy and elevate SWC as the education powerhouse it deserves to be.

At a time when we are beginning to see significant threats to public education and higher income inequality than ever before, it will be critical to have a trustee that has the ideal combination of passion, experience, and character to protect and advance our students. I am proud to say that I am the right choice for this role. With me, you will be getting someone that has experienced many of the struggles of our students and understands the needs, has a long history of advocating for and serving this community with a reputation of being passionate, inclusive, collaborative, transparent and accountable. If elected, I will work with my colleagues to ensure all voices of the campus community are at the table and that decisions are made using an equity lens so all students get the support and services they need to succeed.

Over the course of my campaign, I will continue to listen and learn about the issues important to students, faculty, staff, administrators, and all of SWC service areas (learn more). My priorities if elected will be:

  1. Free or Debt-Free Community College
  2. Opportunity & Support for All
  3. Workforce Preparation & Pathways

I look forward to future dialogue with you and hope to earn your vote on November 6th, 2018.

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